The Supreme Drop This Morning Crashed the Website and People Are Livid

The site was down just minutes after the drop.

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Even before Supreme dropped its Spring/Summer 2016 collection this morning, people had a feeling the site would crash. As anyone who has tried to pick up Supreme online knows, it wouldn't be the first time the website crashed after a release, especially one like this season's, which had plenty of hyped up pieces like that controversial Morrissey tee

Unfortunately for those trying to cop, it looks like the predictions were right. Less than ten minutes after the drop, the site went down. Of course, people took to Twitter to share how pissed they were they didn't get a chance to purchase the pieces. 

 To make matters worse, shortly after the website was back in action most of the items were already sold out. As of now there are a few pieces left. Head over to Supreme to check it out.

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