They say dating in New York is a nightmare, impossible even. Although no one, not even DJ Khaled, has fully pinned down exactly who the "they" is, these very stylish New York couples seemed to have proven "them" otherwise. With the population around 8.5 million people, options aren't the problem—choosing only one might be. 

For Valentine's Day this year, we decided to put all the bitterness on the back burner and talk to some couples who might redefine your #relationshipgoals. From all different backgrounds, working in creative fields, and living in a city where the options are seemingly endless, we asked each pair the really pressing questions you'd ask any fly couple: how they met, what they wore on their first date, and whether or not their opinion on their significant partner's #ootd matters. We discussed everything from getting fired in the name of love, to the importance of Drake and Netflix, and the romance behind jet-setting to The World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Just in time for your favorite commercialized holiday, these are our 6 Stylish NY Couples on Their First Dates and Favorite Fits