It's been a rough year or so for J.Crew. To be honest, the preppy American brand has been in the shitter for a minute. It's tried literally going back to basics and even opening up a low-cost brand in an effort to reverse its fortunes. Now, J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler has put his swanky Tribeca apartment on the market for a cool $25 million. Someone, please buy this apartment. It would just make Mickey's year, I know it. 

He's really trying to turn J.Crew around, you guys, if you would just buy this apartment from him, I know that it would happen. I'm really hoping that Mickey didn't list this in order to take the money and put it back into the company or something. Things aren't that dire yet, Mick! You may want to look into seeking asylum somewhere, though, if things at the Crew does continue to trend downward. 

Anyway, the five-bedroom, 7.5-bathroom apartment has an almost Mad Men look, with a LOT of wood paneling, a desk that is decidedly not rectangular, and a whole lot of '60s-looking furniture and weird modular lamps. It seems that each room has a different vibe, too, from the wispy light blue den to the deep brown bedroom and more modern bar and kitchen. There are also a couple of rolling mannequins without heads that are sure to creep you out when you're home alone and only have a couple of lights on. 

Seriously, though. Somebody at least put a bid in. Help the guy out.