UPDATE (2/5/16): Peter Jaworowski, the executive creative director and co-founder of Ars Thanea, responded to Complex regarding Future's use of "The Ash" photograph, which actually isn't a stock image:

"The entire Ars Thanea creative team and our friend photographer Szymon Świętochowski couldn’t be more thrilled to take part in the newest release of Future’s album EVOL. Before the release we worked closely with Sony/Epic Records team on licensing of the 'The Ash' image that now is officially revealed as a Cover Art. We believe that our visual is a perfect fit for the entire production and we wish nothing but the best for Future and his upcoming release."

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Has Future used a stock image as cover art again? It sure appears that way.

Not too long after the rapper revealed the cover for his upcoming EVOL project, people began to call him out for using a photo owned by creative production studio Ars Thanea. According the company’s website, the image is a part of a collaborative project titled “The Ash,” which features a series of photographs that depict glowing roses covered in materials that resemble volcanic ash.

This was initially pointed out to Complex by U.K. artist Josh Millgate, who sent out a tweet that criticized Future for his choice of cover art; however, this move isn’t too surprising considering Future did the same thing for his Dirty Sprite 2 cover as well as his What a Time to Be Alive mixtape cover with Drake.

We’ve reached out to Ars Thanea for comment. Stay tuned as more information rolls in.