World renowned British artist Damien Hirst has teamed-up with fellow countryman and chef Mark Hix to open an art-inspired restaurant based in Hirst’s Newport Gallery in London. The potential dining (and possibly dating) hotspot is known as ‘Pharmacy 2’, which is a play on Hirst’s iconic 1992 art installation ‘Pharmacy’—a life size recreation of a chemist’s shop.

Pharmacy 2 will be duly fitted with iconic work from the polarising artist, including the Butterfly Kaleidoscope and Medicine Cabinets pieces.The interior plays on numerous references to the Hirst’s prescription drug themed work with multicoloured graphics along the marble floor, walls and the vibrant stainless steel and glass bar—which comes equipped with tablet-designed cushioned stools.

Speaking to the Evening Standard Hirst explains that:

“Pharmacy 2 combines two of my greatest passions: art and food. I’ve always loved Mark as a chef and his approach to food, so it’s great we’re working together on this.”

Pharmacy 2 will be opening its doors to the public on February 23 in Vauxhall, South London, for more information on the restaurant click here. You can get a preview of the restaurant's interior in the video above and the gallery below.