Charlie Rose doesn't back down from a challenge, even if it means wearing ridiculous Cam Newton-inspired pants on live television. The Carolina Panthers quarterback made headlines this weekend when he was spotted boarding a plane to Super Bowl 50 in a very tight pair of zebra-print Versace pants. After the anchors discussed his bold style choice on the show yesterday, Gayle King offered Rose $800 to wear similar printed slacks on air—clearly not thinking the 74-year-old could pull it off.

Well, this morning the morning show host came to the studio flexing in a very bold pair of Versace pants, which we must point out had a much roomier fit than Newton's. Even though he couldn't get his hands on the exact print the NFL player wore, since they apparently sold out after setting the Internet a blaze, the pants, which he paired with a colorful pair of sneakers, were enough to garner a priceless reaction. 

Check out the video below.