Michael Dupouy, founder of La MJC and Club 75, has been documenting streetwear culture for ten years now through the annual release of the ever-popular All Gone books, and that’s a pretty long time. In those ten years Dupouy and All Gone established themselves as an authoritative voice in the streetwear scene, so to celebrate Footpatrol and adidas filmed this mini-documentary detailing Michael and his journey, ahead of the release of the All Gone: A Decade of Street Culture book.

In the footage above he takes viewers through his neighbourhood of District Ten in Paris and talks about his path from journalist to author of All Gone. He also touches on how the internet and print have helped his books throughout the last decade by being two different entities which "compliment each other".

Check out the mini-documentary above and If you would like to purchase a copy of the All Gone 10th anniversary book click here.