Check out this parka from visvim. It’s gnarly as hell. Goose down-filled with an Italian nylon outer, a silk-cotton blend inner and a fur-lined hood with trim and flannel lining. I don’t know about you guys, but in the last couple of days, we started to have a real, actual winter. I have this sinking feeling there’s going to be a huge snowstorm and it’ll just never stop snowing. Like, the feedback loop from global warming is so strong it just throws us into the next Ice Age. If that happens, you’re gonna be so vindicated for spending seven thousand dollars on a parka. Like, all your friends will have frozen to death in their inferior one thousand dollar parkas and you’ll just be chilling in the shipping container you converted into a living shelter staring at the signature of gawd himself Hiroki that is also featured on this parka. Ironically, it will also be the last human connection you have in the frozen tundra that is Des Moines now.