I like this shirt from Unused a lot. I’m really into elementary and high school art teacher vibes. Like, all black, drapey, oversized, kind of condescending and always smells of an odor you will later identify as an adult as cannabis. I’d be such a dope art teacher. I’d have gone to RISD and then Cranbrook for graduate work and I’d be friends with all these really famous and successful gallery owners and would have published a children’s book featuring my paintings that is a perennial best seller in England and New Zealand. I’d help all the kids silkscreen bootleg concert tees and designer knockoffs and would pretend that the ‘vases’ they made for the ceramics section aren’t just really poorly designed bongs as long as they admit that Banksy is annoying. Also, the hemline on this shirt totally surpasses what "rare hemline" means. I'm not even sure what to call it.