Oh I’m so into this coat from Unused. It’s a super bland shade of beige. It’s got a weird, double sleeve detail. It’s a bit oversized and exaggerated. I want it so badly. I want to wear it with the sleeves rolled up like Kaneda from Akira but instead of fighting my best friend that gets turned into some sort of nuclear bio weapon, I’ll be out here in the future wearing oversized beige coats like this one while I team up with an autonomous droid to solve crimes that involve data breaches and corporate espionage. I’ll wear dope shit like this trench coat and OD green baggy cargo pants and, like, future shoes AKA shoes with ripple soles and the droid would wear vintage Raf and Junya and bucket hats. We’d have a really strong comedic rapport as we sift through evidence and get involved in one or two really exciting and climactic action sequences. The movie would be very dope but a lot of people on the timeline will talk about the graphic novel being even better.