Taylor Swift finally unveiled her clothing line this week in China, after announcing that she would be releasing her own apparel last summer.

The collection was presented on Monday during an event for Hong Kong's Fashion Week, which she reportedly didn't even attend. Regardless, we now have a look at the new pieces.

As was expected, the collection, done in collaboration with the Nashville-based company Heritage66, includes several crop tops, miniskirts, and sweatshirts you can tie around your waist. The pieces don't appear to have the controversial "1989" logo, despite Swift's reps saying that it would still print it even though it unintentionally referenced to the same year Chinese protestors were massacred at Tiananmen Square. 

Unfortunately for Swifties, the collection is still only available in Asia, so those stateside won't be copping any of her "Shake It Off" tees anytime soon. The move to drop the pieces exclusive overseas was apparently Swift's attempt to combat the influx of fake Taylor Swift merchandise.

 According to WWD, a rep from Heritage66 says the collection has been a "phenomenal success."