It’s tough to make a name for yourself as an aspiring designer these days. Even if you have the talent, you still need a clever idea to grab the attention of the internet. And that is exactly what a young designer by the name of Lyjerria managed to do with this set of reworked Supreme underwear. We spoke to the nineteen-year-old about her latest project and all the hype it is receiving. 

The New Jersey based designer, a long-time fan of Supreme, reworked some of the New York brand’s products to create a high-waisted thong and triangle bra. Lyjerria​ is currently taking a break from school to focus on her own business, and with this release people have finally started to take notice. “I’m extremely flattered. I had no idea it would receive the attention that it has,” she told Complex.

In fact, the original set was only created for a photo shoot she was planning. “I realized that a women’s Supreme underwear set was something that I always hoped to see made available from the brand, and I had a few friends who felt the same way, so I decided to make it myself,” Lyjerria​ notes. After some thought, she decided to post the goods online and see what happened. The reaction has been enormous.

However, you’re playing with fire when it comes to creating product using the likeness of another brand—especially one with the visibility of Supreme, who has been known to shut down brands that use their iconic box logo. All of Lyjerria​’s newfound attention could disappear with a single cease-and-desist, but she’s not sweating it too much. “I’m just a little bit worried. I’m praying it would go a better route, and that maybe they would like to collaborate on a project.”

Either way, this won’t be the last you hear of Lyjerria—she’s currently working on her own debut line. Check out the underwear set below and head on over to her online shop to purchase the underwear set, at least for the time being.