The homie Brian at Seven Oak Grove hit me up a while back about a pop-up shop he was having here in New York and naturally I didn't end up going because talk is cheap and I"m a terrible person. But then he hit me up saying that he has these new "popcorn" hoodies that just hit his online store and was like "damn, those are dope." You're probably wearing a hoodie right now, but you aren't wearing one with "popcorn" knit like these are. Texture is a very important part of your fit. Make sure you include some solid textural elements in your next fit, you'll feel so incredibly above everyone else in your general vicinity, like a lord among the peasants. You'll look at the struglord to your left and think "ugh, what is that? jersey cotton? Get out of my sight," while you run your hands up and down the fields of waves on your chest, reiterating your high taste levels silently to yourself. Seven Oak Grove even has some sweaters in the same material if you're trying to be sophisticated and shun hoodies for whatever reason. 

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