This coat from Sacai is very, very dope. It’s reversible which automatically makes this coat like 7.8945% more doper than regular coats. This is the type of coat I would wear all the time if I had kids. I don’t know why specifically, but I just feel like if I was a dad and had to, like, entertain other people’s children and drive a car that can comfortably and safely seat 978 people, I would wear a reversible coat from Sacai that costs fifteen hundred euros. I’d fucking kill it as a stay at home dad. Imagine me hopping out of an old ass Astrovan that I modded to run on electricity because dads do that kind of shit. I’d be so ill as a stay-at-home dad that I’d get invited as a guest on Haylie Duff’s cooking show, Real Girl’s Kitchen. She always has her celebrity friends on the show to share their favorite recipes and parenting tips. I’d show up with this coat on, shiny side out like fucking Ma$e while nailing the outdoor segment in which I make banging-ass party parfaits in mason jars for Jena Dewan Tatum’s picnic. I’ll tell the story of the time I put my daughter’s tights and dress on backwards and sent her off to school and stay-at-home moms and freelance writers sitting at home at 2:54 pm on a Tuesday will love me.