Last night Russell Westbrook stopped by The Late Show with Steven Colbert. During their chat, the host inevitably brought up the NBA player's personal style. While recalling some of his more memorable looks like that floral sleeveless shirt and sweat pant combo that he rocked to the Teen Choice Awards and that postgame number with the thick red rimmed glassesColbert says that he would get punched in the face if ever tried wearing Westbrook's outfits.

Since Westbrook does know a thing or two about glasses—he has his own line called Westbrook Frames—Colbert asked if he would help him find a new pair. After trying on a couple eyewear styles, one which made him look like welder and the other an '80s era Sally Jessie Raphael, it didn't look like he could get away with wearing any of the frames.

When Colbert followed up by asking him if he could pull off wearing his clothing line with Barneys, Westbrook's unsure response was followed by a lot of laughter. 

To see the whole clip check out the video above.