With the men's iteration of Paris Fashion Week in the books, we've noticed that one of the week's coolest events has seemed to fly well under the radar of even the most clued-in insiders. A$AP Bari's VLONE held a low-key pop-up shop and presentation during PFW...and we've got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look.

Held at 16 Rue de Vertbois in Paris, the only formal information about the pop-up prior to the event was teased on social media. Considering that the brand dropped its debut collection back in March of 2014, this is one of the biggest moments in the label's short history. Noting the brand's "VLONE Riot Wave" was led by A$AP Rocky back in 2014, that's saying something. 

The presentation—which included clothing with graphics featuring the brand's signature, giant "V," along with the phrases "friends" and "every living creative dies alone" (something similar to what Bari tweeted back in September)—had models simply standing against a large stone wall. While it presentation took place on the first day of VLONE's Paris occupation on Jan. 21, the pop-up shop lasted until Jan. 25.

While little is known about VLONE—save for a few remarks from the brand's mastermind—it's clear that A$AP Bari has big things in store for his (presently) small label. As Bari told CLOT back in March 2015:

"It’s VLONE. VLONE can be put into any matter. I’m trying to get VLONE in the dictionary. It’s a lifestyle, so if you believe in a lifestyle, you believe in VLONE. It’s something that’s in you. Me designing clothes wasn’t just me looking at people and looking at blogs. It started with me on my own. I wake up and I don’t plan what I want to wear or what I want to do today. I just do it, you know."

For more information on VLONE, keep it locked on the brand's Twitter and Instagram, and check our exclusive BTS images below.