A group of men was convicted this week after carrying out the largest burglary in England's history. The massive heist included $20 million worth of gold, diamonds, sapphires, and cash. But, there is something more impressive about the case than its value—the ages of the thieves who carried it out.

As AP reports, the gang of men, which ranged in age from 48-76, were actually lead by the eldest member Brian Reader. The best part, as Jezebel points out, is that "The Master" as they call him, even used his senior citizen bus pass for transportation to the the crime scene.

Disguised as workmen, the elderly group went unnoticed for two consecutive nights as they broke into a safe deposit box in the jewelry district in Hatton Garden. The first night, they scaled a 12-14 foot elevator shaft, but couldn't access the box. The following night, they climbed into the basement vault where they raided 73 deposit boxes before wheeling the goods away in garbage bins. 

Police have been sure to make it clear that despite their age, they are still dangerous criminals. “The Master” actually spent eight years in jail previously after a 1983 robbery of almost $40 million in gold bullion. 

Three more men were found guilty on Thursday, and a total of seven are scheduled to be sentenced in March. So far, only one-third of the goods have been recovered.