The past 48 hours have been the coldest days in New York in the past year. That means if you haven't piled on the warmest gear you have to beat the near zero temperatures, you're probably already frozen solid. During these stark winter days, jeans are not an option as they don't retain any warmth. Regular sweatpants don't do that much either. But Nike's super popular Tech Fleece Pants recently received a winter upgrade and they just hit the sale racks

Now, they don't look all that different from the regular Tech Fleece joints, but these cold weather versions come with extra woven overlays on the upper leg to keep out the elements and add an extra layer of insulation and a color blocked design. Because of that, they're usually listed at $150, which, we'll admit, might be a bit expensive. But if you're looking for a deal, we noticed they've been marked down to $119.97—much closer to the standard Tech Fleece price. Fortunately, there is still a solid size run left in stock, so head over to Nike to grab them now. Just make sure you size up.