The Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer has taken the Internet by storm. It seems people from all walks of life have developed an addiction to the disturbing, and shady, case of Steven Avery—a Wisconsin man who was convicted of sexual assault and the attempted murder of Penny Beerntsen.

Though its insane popularity can obviously be attributed to the time-honored formula of crime and corruption, there is one element of the series that is equally as upsetting: the god-awful hairdos.

We know, there’s a lot to take in throughout the 10 episodes, which is why we understand how these hair atrocities have been overlooked. However, that’s all changed thanks to Giulia Rozzi, the mastermind behind the “Making a Murderer Hairstyle” Tumblr.

The project, which can only be described as “genius,” displays an extensive collection of hairstyles featured throughout the first season. The hairdos range from drab to absurd to down right offensive, but they’re all pretty hilarious when shown as a collection.

You can check out some of the gems, along with amusing descriptions, in the images below. To see the rest, head to the “Making a Murderer Hairstyles” Tumblr page.

"The Upside Down Afro: this style lets your face have some fun. However this one is expensive, it will cost you about 18 years of freedom."


"The Graduated Top Of His Communications Class Reporter: a spiky style that looks good on camera and that can be used as a weapon toward unruly interviewees. "


"The Dassey Do: similar to the Avery Pageboy but due to it’s thickness harder to maintain, just like his story is hard to maintain since it was fed to him by corrupt police officers. "


"The Manitowoc Mullet: party in the back, sitting in court listening to lies in the front. "


"The Nancy Grace’s Sister: a cut with as many layers as this case."


"The 80′s Comedy Coif: this cut let’s people know you’re fun and know how to get da fuck away from a jacked up jury. Looks great with a Trader Joe’s uniform."