Kristap Porzingis has gained a lot of attention this season thanks to his sick dunking skills, but it looks like the Knicks rookie might be trying to turn some heads another way—by stepping up his style game. Porzingis was spotted earlier today flexing in a faux leather jacket, but the weird thing is, this wasn't some postgame look, he was actually still at practice. A photo shared on Twitter shows the 7'3" player inside the Toronto Raptors' Air Canada Centre wearing an interesting fit consisting of a moto jacket, black leggings, and shorts. 

Unsurprisingly, none of his teammates in the picture appear to be wearing any type of outwear. So, what are the possible reasons that would bring Porzingis to dress like this? Was he testing out his front row 'fits for Fashion Week with the fellas? Is he the newest member of the least intimidating chapter of Hell's Angels ever? Is the heat at Air Canada Centre as inconsistent as the Knicks are? Whatever the cause, there is one thing we know to be true: That jacket is still better than Carmelo's fedoras.