Remember Banksy's "Spy Booth" mural of the 1950's style detectives? Well, it can be yours for practically nothing, as long as you don't mind purchasing the three-bedroom home its painted on. 

The owner of the property featuring the art is so sick of the attention it has attracted that he has finally decided to put it up for sale—and he has included the rare Banksy piece in the $304,784 price tag. The house is currently listed at around $21,777 more than its actual value, but considering Banky's work goes for much more than that, this is actually a steal.

David Possee has been very vocal about wanting the art removed from his home since it first appeared in April of 2014. Now, according to the Daily Mailhe just wants get on with his life. The image of the three agents in brown trench coats conducting surveillance on a phone booth was scheduled to be relocated to a gallery, but the Victorian home's historic significance meant they couldn't damage the structure. 

Back in 2007, a couple made a similar offer after Banksy painted his graffiti on it. In hopes of preserving the art the couple cleverly listed it as "mural with a house attached to it" instead of the other way around. It was eventually sold to Sotheby's action house for $155,000.