UPDATE [January 8, 2016]: WWD reports that H&M has since pulled the scarf from stores in Israel after the response and issued an official apology you can read below. 

It’s no secret that H&M has had its fair share of controversies. Remember when it received backlash for selling a headdress in its Canadian stores? Or how about that time it had to pull a graphic tank after complaints of it being anti-Semitic? Well, it looks like the fast-fashion retailer is catching heat once again—this time for hawking a women’s striped scarf that resembles a Jewish prayer shawl.

Listed on H&M’s website for $17.99, the accessory has angered a good amount of people who think it looks too much like a Tallit. Compare the two images above and below: Both feature the same color scheme, cream fabric with black stripes, as well as knotted fringe.

Of course, people quickly called out the design on Twitter:

H&M has since apologized for the design: "We are truly sorry if we have offended anyone with this piece," an H&M spokesperson told Seventeen in a statement. "Everyone is welcome at H&M and we never take a religious or political stand. Stripes is one of the trends for this season and something we were inspired by. Our intention was never to upset anyone."

Image via Word of Judaica