Are you guys into interior design at all? When I ask you that, I mean you actually have an apartment or home that is habitable and decorated instead of a hovel with blank walls and, like, seventeen thousand design magazines and books in languages you can’t read. I’ll admit, up until a few years ago my apartment was basically one big-ass closet with a TV inside. But then I actually started to pay attention to all the cool books and magazines I was buying and started to put shit together in my domicile. Thankfully the dudes over at The Hill-Side teamed up with the people over at CB2 for a collection that’ll make putting your apartment together even easier. The line consists of rugs and pillows and blankets and towels and furniture and shit. I’m trying to finagle that disintegrated floral rug. That thing looks amazing. Also, you know shit is luxe when you're thinking about copping a "floor cushion." I can’t wait to convince someone to give me half a rack so I can purchase that rug and then get really disappointed in myself when I ash my artisanal joint directly onto it.