You caught a glimpse of the Reeboks that Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy has set for spring/summer 2016 in his recent lookbook, along with the new set of Vans Authentics. Well, it looks like Gosha is continuing the trend at his most recent show in Paris, premiering a new set of Reeboks on the runway we haven't seen before. 

Spotted up close backstage by Joerg Koch of 032c, they're an all-white pair of Ex-O-Fit His, which are just about as '80s as you can get. Whenever I see a pair of these, I immediately think of a wrestling compound just outside Philadelphia. But that's beside the point. Instead of having the typical Reebok branding on the panel near the laces, it's been replaced with "PACCBET" which apparently translates to "sunrise" and considering there's a sort of modernized version of a sunrise on the tongue, that's a nice little tie-in. As seen in a few other runway shots, they'll also come in black.

Based on a few other shots from the show, it looks like there will also be an accompanying Ex-O-Fit Lo to go along with the Hi's that will also come in both white and black.