It’s finally cold outside, guys. Thank fucking god. I was running out of patience with old Mother Nature. Sure we’ve fucked up everything so beyond belief that our winter only lasts, like, 4 and a half weeks, but if the climate change crisis has taught me anything, it’s to pass the blame on to someone else. So this shitty winter weather is all Mother Nature’s fault for responding poorly to change. That change is occurring because a bunch of savages on this planet waste fossil fuel energy, not because I use at least three electronic devices at a time, at all times. Or that Four Pins takes up server space on a server farm that uses a ton of electricity. WE ARE KILLING OUR MOTHER EARTH SO YOU GUYS CAN READ CAPS LOCKED RANTS ABOUT KENNETH COLE WRITTEN IN 2012. Anyways, this Unionmade x Golden Bear mackintosh made with Loro Piana wool is dope and you guys should buy it.