We know that the kids love fleece gear these days. We also know that some people are averse to logos. I remember back in high school everyone didn't want to wear logos or brand names because they didn't want to "advertise" for a brand or some bullshit excuse like that. This was like eight years ago, so it's not like any of us were totally anti-establishment or rebellious. It was just a way for them to say they didn't want to wear Abercrombie & Fitch pretty much. While big logos are now a full-on thing that people love, there are still those among us that don't like to have too many logos on the things they wear.

On that note, Everlane has a new set of what it's calling "Street Fleece," which is basically just sweats that look a little bit sportier. It's similar to Nike Tech Fleece, but without the logos, and perhaps most importantly, without the price. You can get the zip-up hoodie for $70 and the pants, which come with a button fly, for $60 if you have an account with Everlane—which is free. Per usual though, the women got the best stuff. So if you're a slightly smaller-than-average man, you could pick up that stuff too.