It can be especially difficult to wear boots sometimes but there are few things cooler than a pair of dope, worn-the-fuck-in boots. They require a certain amount of effort to wear, pull of and stay dedicated to. The first hurdle is typically the price. Most nice boots are damn pricey. But Epaulet decided to go for it and brings us a couple of affordable combat boot options. They come in mocha, which I feel is slightly more sophisticated and black, which you can beat the hell out of without fear. They're also just $295, have a fairly sleek shape and come with RiRi zippers, so that 30 seconds required to get the boots on and off is cut down mightily. We've written about many things that cost way more than $300 but probably shouldn't be. Meanwhile these joints should probably be closer to $500, yet here they are for just over half of that. It's all well and good to stunt in your crazy expensive brand name joints, but sometimes subtlety is the best form of stunting.