"Whiteout" nights at NBA arenas to make the crowd appear united as one has become popular over the past few seasons. So it only makes sense that the NBA store would sell hats to capitalize on the trend. As part of the "Pride" series, the NBA has a bunch of different hats to show off your pride for your favorite team. They don't seem too different from other, normal hats, but whatever works.

It seems that the Denver Nuggets got the short end of the stick on this one as Deadspin spotted. Take a quick glance at the name of these hats. "White Pride." Looks like this phrasing mistake slipped through the cracks, but also take note that another Nuggets' "Pride" hats has the same name and that the Nets' white version has "White Nets Pride" rather than "White Pride." For some reason, it only happened to the Nuggets. Maybe someone has a vendetta? 

Hopefully nobody loses their job over this little snafu since it can be changed with a few simple keystrokes—we don't want a repeat of the Rockets' social media manager who lost his job for crafting a truly classic tweet back in April.