What was once a hallmark of stuffy, pretentious dudes has seen something a of resurgence among men looking to add a little something different to their winter wardrobes. Whether or not you attach this rise to "Hotline Bling," it's not surprising that a highly concealing sweater would be popular when the weather starts getting cold and unpredictable.

But the issue with any kind of knitwear—turtleneck or otherwise—is that it's really difficult to gauge (pun not intended) whether or not it's going to be closet-worthy. Between sweaters that are thinner than table napkins, and itchy bulks of wool, it's not always guaranteed that the sweater you see on the webshop is going to become the winter staple you were hoping it would be. This is especially true when you're trying to buy a turtleneck (you're interested in taking a style risk without hearing "you look like Steve Jobs" every time you decide to pull it on). But fear not, we've done all of the legwork for you, and isolated the best turtlenecks to cop with all of that recently-acquired Christmas cash. These are The Best Turtleneck Sweaters Available Right Now​.

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