It’s been nearly six years since the fashion industry was shook by Alexander McQueen’s untimely death. But he definitely hasn’t been forgotten.

Since his suicide in 2010, McQueen’s persona and work has been the inspiration of countless projects, including a wildly successful exhibition, countless books, as well as a play. And now, it appears the British designer’s life story will soon hit the big screen.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the biopic will be directed by Andrew Haigh, whose work includes critically acclaimed films like 45 Years and  Weekend. Haigh will collaborate with award-wining playwright Chris Urch, who has signed on to write the script. So you know this is going to be good.

Deadline Hollywood reports that the film’s co-producer Damien Jones had once considered turning Andrew Wilson's biography, Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath The Skin, into a movie; however, he insists the film will use the book as a source of inspiration and will not be entirely based on its content.

Judging by the recent success of fashion-centric biopics, such as the Raf Simons documentary Dior and I, it’s safe to assume this project will generate a lot of buzz. All we want to know now is who will portray the late, grate designer.