When the temperature drops, nothing signals the change in season more than the ever-increasing mound of layers piled on top of every passerby. While your first instinct is to grab your favorite university scarf or that electric blue beanie, it may be time to step your winter gear game up (way, way up).

Listen, we're not knocking those mittens your mom gave you one winter back in high school, but if you're going to be investing in a fire topcoat, you're not doing yourself any favors by finishing your fit with accessories that allude to ill-fitting hand-me-downs. It's time to add some top-notch accents to your winter wardrobe. And before you complain that your wallet isn't right, we've made sure to isolate some of the best products to keep you warm—without burning up your bank account in the process. These are Grown Ass-Man Winter Accessories (at an Affordable Price).