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He’s usually the man asking the questions. A regular face at front rows around the world, Tim Blanks is one of the world’s most powerful fashion journalists. He is renowned for his cutting, no holds barred approach to fashion critique and interview –his (now column drew in the millions like an evangelical preacher to his flock hungry for fashion truths. Few could get away with calling Kanye’s Adidas collection “Assholery” while still having Kimmy K on his speed dial. As Gregory Babcock over on the US desk pointed out, Tim Blanks was menswear's best critic; he added substance and depth to fashion coverage in a world saturated with cooing politeness.

Earlier this year, Tim announced that in 2016 he would mentor 400 upcoming fashion journalists from around world through (incidentally Virgil Abloh is also mentoring for streetwear) and to show the world what having Tim Blanks as your kick-ass mentor is like, he’s hosting an open Q&A on Monday, taking questions from around the world.

If you want to ask Tim – a journalist who has been witness and critic to the biggest names, movements and disasters of fashion – you can tweet using #AskTimBlanks. We cannot promise he won’t gloriously tear you a new one to your maybe stupid question, but hey if it’s good enough for Kanye…

The Q&A will be streamed online at 20:00 GMT​/15:00 EST​/07:00 EDST. To watch or to become one of Tim’s students visit