Team Cozy appropriately grew out of the Instagram hashtag #teamcozy. Formally identifying themselves as a creative agency, the collective is comprised of a "vast community of creatives and photographers who's work and ability speaks for itself," according to the website. Naturally, there's bound to be a wealth of creative output. 

This week they share their first foray into clothing design, The Exposure Collection. The accompanying video (with original music production by squad member, EKALI) and lookbook were shot, styled and edited in-house. Team Cozy founder Ta-ku, also known for his 2013 EP Songs to Break Up To, and his 2015 follow-up, Songs to Make Up To, shared the statement below over email. 

"The first collection is a reflection and testament to how the strong sense of community through something like #teamcozy can instill such progression. While we definitely want to make an impact on the streetwear scene, we are first and foremost a creative team that enjoy telling stories through strong visuals."

Expectedly, Team Cozy's first collection is full of cozy silhouettes: joggers, sweats, hoodies, shorts, T-shirts and a fishtail parka just in time to layer up for the cold late winter we will inevitably experience. 

The collection is available today on their website,