We are deep in the political race right now whether you have been paying attention to things or not. I assume that you at least know that Donald fucking Trump is the current front-runner for the Republicans and Hillary Clinton is probably going to be the Democrat's choice next year. You may also be aware that your vote doesn't really matter and that when election time comes, certain states vote the same way every time and only a handful of states actually determine who the winner. There's a stark divide between the red and blue states—and it doesn't stop at politics. It even comes into play as we shop for our loved ones this holiday season. 

NBC News broke down the divide between red state and blue state shoppers. They think differently, vote differently and shop differently too. Here we have the top 10 stores where conservatives and liberals are most likely to shop. As you can see, conservatives have a more big box, sporty and suburban look on things while liberals go for slightly more granola and city-centric shops like J.Crew, REI and Nordstrom. As Chuck Todd notes here, there's definitely geography at play here as some spots are located in certain regions and not others. But some places on the list are national as well, so the ideas and personalities of the shoppers are clear. Take a look at the lists and see how it lines up with you. Maybe you can use it to decide who gets your vote next year.