Aspiring artists need a lot of things: inspiration, drive, patience, perseverance. But in order to truly launch a creative career, an artist needs one thing above all else: support. And support, be it financial or otherwise, is often in short supply for burgeoning artists, who might not be household names yet, but have certainly demonstrated that they deserve the chance to succeed. 

That’s what inspired SoBe to launch SoBe A.R.T. (Artist in Residency Team), a new kind of artist-in-residence program designed to create innovative experiences that engage both artists and consumers alike. The program selected five people from different artistic disciplines whose work embodies the essence of SoBe’s mantra: “Ride the Wild.” The artists were brought together for an eight-week program that allowed them to cultivate creativity freely by providing them with production space, tools, mentor meetings, media opportunities, and more. The program gave these five artists the chance to create unique original pieces that embody all the irreverence and edge that has defined their young careers, and has represented SoBe as a brand since its inception. 

The five artists selected were

Los Angeles based photographer Jora Frantzis

Belgium-born muralist “Chase”

Vine video personality Elton Castee

Photographer Melly Lee

Nebraska native and illustrator Nick Sawyers

Now, SoBe A.R.T. (Artist in Residency Team) will culminate in December with an art installation at SoBe’s birthplace, Miami Beach, during the world’s premiere modern and contemporary exhibition, Art Basel. SoBe will showcase all of the artists’ amazing new artwork, while fostering connections with industry leaders who can help them take the next big step in their careers. 

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