Guys, this is it. This is the fanny pack that gets me to actually buy a fanny pack and wear it across my chest like it’s a bandoleer. It’s the perfect color, it’s made by the perfect expensive Japanese luggage company and, honestly, it’s the perfect price. Sure, $240 seems like a lot of money to spend on a bag that will guarantee a perfect roast every time I take it outside. But $240 is enough money for you to really want something, but small enough that it remains easy to justify. Like, “240 bucks? That’s not that bad. I mean an ounce of weed is about 240 bucks. Yeah, I can afford this, I just won’t smoke weed that much this month.” Cut back on the ganj so you can afford $240 fanny packs. Then, next month you have somewhere dope to put your weed.