Wow guys, three plus years here and I’m still writing about coaches jackets. Paa calls these "Spectator jackets" but that’s probably because they didn’t know that in my mind I’m a highly successful youth soccer coach. I normally gravitate toward the blue, but that khaki joint is calling my name. I could very much see myself wearing the khaki jacket while I pace the sidelines. My team’s colors would be green and black, but I’d wear khaki. When the kids ask why I didn’t wear the team colors I’d be like, “I’m the coach. You only get to wear team colors if you earn them—by playing on the field and being a good teammate. That's called good character.” I’d also institute a sticker program like some schools have in college football. But because you don’t wear helmets in soccer, the kids would all get their own tiny coaches jacket with patches sewn on for every time they performed well on the field. We’d be the dopest team in the under-10 youth travel soccer association and everyone would stare at us while we sauntered into the end-of-season banquet, talking about how we don’t need participation trophies and are just in attendance for the free pizza and Mountain Dew. CLAP IT UP FOR TEAMWORK. CLAP IT UP FOR KHAKI COACH JACKETS. CLAP IT UP FOR PAA.