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Throughout 2015, we've watched Noah quickly reestablish its place in menswear after coming back from a lengthy hiatus. The brand continues to stand apart from the crowd through injecting an authentic youthful edge into timeless designs. This newest drop is no exception. 

A new military reversible coat, as well as a shearling coat, are now available at the Noah webshop and their SoHo brick and mortar location. The military coat, which is an elongated and modernized version of the surplus staple, is constructed from a specially bonded high density cotton imported from Japan, making it tear proof and water resistant. Noah is one of only two brands using this fabric for apparel. The shearling coat, on the other hand, is constructed from UK sourced sheepskin, leather trim, and features a horn toggle closure. Both of these pieces will surely last a lifetime, with no sacrifice in terms of craftsmanship and quality. 

A new logo hoodie, pullover shirt, tees, and various accessories are also included in the drop. Take a look at the items below and make sure to head over to the Noah webshop to grab something while you still can.