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With climate change making it a brisk 55 degrees today in New York, clothing brands might as well just start releasing their S/S collections in December. Because soon enough, there aren't going to be any F/W temperatures. October-March is going to be 55 degrees and April-September is going to be 120. So designers will have to somehow create even lighter clothing for the higher temperatures. Perhaps ones with seamless air conditioning units in them. What I'm really getting at here is that Nanamica dropped its lookbook for S/S 16 and it feels completely aligned with the current weather we're experiencing. 

Nanamica continues its streak as a very reliable clothing company providing reliable wares. With spring staple pieces in shades of green, blue and white, the Japanese brand keeps things pretty light and easy. There are some standout looks though. The light blue, slightly crinkly hoodie in slide 10 is pretty dope, the bombers seen throughout have a great shape to them if you're still looking for the perfect model to drop your cash on and the all-navy looks in 16 and 19 are as solid as they come. As always the outerwear is on point, regularly outfitted with Gore-Tex for that wind resistance. Nanamica always has a little bit of a nautical feel to it, but it's never overdone and S/S 16 keeps that influence palatable. Keep an eye out for this to hit stores sooner than you'd figure because apparently stores are getting S/S collections before the year even ends.