Man, you ever know that you’re a sucker for something and still fall for it every time? That’s me and convertible backpacks. I work from home and don't make enough money to travel all that much. I definitely don't need a certain bag for travel purposes, let alone a bag that can transform into another bag and used two ways. Yet I still want all of them because I make up for my lack of funds with an active imagination that envisions me traveling the world and never being bothered to check luggage because in my imagination I'm a man who travels a lot and has cool weekenders and backpacks to stunt on everyone at the gate. EAT IT FAMILY WEARING THE "WHITE PEOPLE WHO FIGHT IN PUBLIC AT THE MALL" STARTER KIT. MY BAG JUST WENT FROM A BACKPACK TO A WEEKENDER RIGHT BEFORE YOUR BLEARY JET-LAGGED EYES.