Are you guys old enough to remember the Columbia Bugaboo? Probably not. Hell, I'm right on the cusp and the only reason I remember the Bugaboo is because I'm pretty sure my dad had one. I'm not even totally sure that he did, but he had something super similar and he would always wear it when we went sledding or when he shoveled the driveway. It's a very strong piece of outerwear and KITH is bringing it back with just some slight modifications like the all-important double zipper. The classic jacket has a fleece inner liner that zips into a waterproof shell that can be worn separate or on their own. So it's three jackets in one. They didn't touch the shape though, so it still has a classic, slightly baggy and boxy fit for all the retro fans out there.

The new Bugaboo comes in three colorways including the classic blue/pink combo that started it all in 1986 ($250), an all-black and 3M joint ($300) and a slate and salmon twist ($250). There are even Bugaboo gloves ($165) and hats ($75) that have their own 3-in-1 system with inner liners and outer shells. Don't worry, the gloves are updated for the touchscreen requirements of our modern world. 

The whole collection drops this Saturday at KITH locations and online at 11 a.m. EST.