If anyone is an authority on T-shirts, it's streetwear veteran Jeff Staple. The founder and creative director of Staple Design has built his business on T-shirts, so it's only fitting that he's now sharing valuable expertise on how to design and manufacture a tee.

Through a new online Skillshare class, Jeff is offering an in-depth lesson on how to create, produce, and price T-shirts. Even though it seems like a pretty basic concept, Jeff explains that the process and technique for different styles can be complicated. 

In a clip for the class, he shares that silk-screening $10 tees at Parson's School of Design are what first set off his brand 18 years ago. So, mastering this class could be the first step towards becoming the next big name in streetwear, especially since students who submit their finished shirts have the opportunity to have their design sold at Reed Space.

For more information on the contest and to enroll in his "Definitive Guide to T-Shirt Design & Manufacturing" class head over here. The submissions are due by Dec. 18.