Inventory Magazine just released an online editorial featuring Nepenthes New York, the photography of Andrew Jacobs, and the styling of Michael Baquerizo. With pieces from the brands under the Nepenthes umbrella, this editorial is very dope. I love looking at the credits of things like this. You get to see where every piece used is from and there's always the "stylist's own" which leads me to wonder just how much gear stylists actually have. I bet they just have tons of trinkets sitting around to be used on a photoshoot that they never actually wear themselves. You guys ever think about doing creative stuff like editorials? Me too man, me too. But then I realize I don’t really like interacting with other people, let alone having to work with them. Also I’m not that good at articulating a vision. So instead of actually doing anything, I just come up with editorial ideas in my head and then judge other people’s creative output without ever contributing my own.