Damn, Hancock and Tenue de Nimes really made some very nice coats for us. The trench coat’s concealed placket is a great touch and the shape of the pockets is dope. The single-breasted raincoat has an elasticated jersey trim. Why? Because Hanckock’s namesake, Thomas Hancock, patented using elastics in clothing in 1820. Also, probably because it looks pretty cool. But I don’t know, I wasn’t present during the design process. Even the shape of the quilting on the liner is a nod to vulcanization—the process that Hancock and his partner Macintosh used to revolutionize the rain jacket industry. Wow, that was a lot of facts and design minutiae. Just focus on the fact that wearing either of these very nice, very classic jackets will only make everyone’s realization that you are not, in fact, a partner in a global design firm or associate at a boutique ad agency. Instead, they'll see that you're just some guy that knows way too much about his expensive jackets who spends his time shopping online in a vain attempt to avoid emails from his manager inquiring why one slide in the deck just says “Fuck this job” in Comic Sans.