Despite efforts to improve the lack of diversity in the fashion industry, a new report reveals not much progress has been made. According to a study done by Fashionista, the diversity of celebrities on the covers of U.S. publications for 2015 was almost the exact same as 2014.

The site determined that 27 out of 136 covers featured non-white models, while last year it was 27 out of 137. That means that there was only a minimal increase from 19.7 to 19.8 percent.

As far as individual magazines go, InStyle had the biggest improvement in the diversity of its cover stars with 5 out of 12 featuring women of color. But, big publications like Nylon and Harper's Bazaar still only included one non-white model the entire year, proving there is still a lot of work to be done.

To see the full report on each magazine's covers head over to Fashionista.