3sixteen always has really nice collaborations. The team over there must either be easy to work with or just have really good taste. Maybe it's a little bit of both. Anyways, the latest product to hit their shelves are some socks. As with all great things, these socks feature indigo-dyed yarn and cost just a little bit more than you’re normally comfortable paying for everyday pieces like socks. But listen here, you got over expensive t-shirts, so it’s time to embrace expensive, not obnoxious socks. At least you can brag about how these socks are finished with some sort of anachronistic machine that gives the heel and toe a flat seam. No one will care that you can’t pay for your share of mom and dad’s present this year because you need socks with seamless finishing. Have you ever had the toe seam of your sock rub on top of your toe knuckles because your shoes are a little too tight and then all of a sudden there's a blister that busts open and bleeds everywhere? There is nothing more painful. Well, that won't happen because of that advanced, yet very archaic, knitting technology. Available in store and online December 4th.