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It’s been over a month since Raf Simons announced his exit from Dior. Though the decision was as dissapointing as it was shocking, it didn’t take long before the fashion industry began theorizing on who would take his place. Some thought it would be Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci; others predicted design duo Proenza Schouler; while many figured it would be Alber Elaz, who was ousted from Lanvin in late October.

Of course, a slew of other names have also been brought up; however, Dior has given no indication on who might be its next creative director. And it seems it’s in no rush to do so.

According to WWD, a spokesperson for Dior said the in-house design team will create the label’s next two collections: couture Spring/Summer 2016 and ready-to-wear Fall/Winter 2016. It’s an interesting move for Dior, which temporarily appointed Bill Gaytten as creative director following the termination of John Galliano in 2011; however, the label’s spokesperson insisted that the team is fully confident in its ability to operate without a star designer. 

We'll just have to keep guessing.