Check out this grey cardigan from Barena. I just want a life filled with four hundred dollar Barena cardigans, spaghetti carbonara on demand, some good mint tea, solitude and a bunch of recreational drugs. That life sounds so fun. You’d see me lounging at an incredibly expensive hotel bar in a relaxed cardigan, attractive people just wafting around me, and you’d be like, “Damn Jon, this is the life!” as you settle down next to me on an overstuffed sofa. Without even looking over, I’d just softly say, “I have so much of what I want, but I still feel unfulfilled.” Then you’ll realize that no one is ever truly fulfilled in this life. So get all the fancy cardigans and carbonara you can get, because if a lack of fulfillment is an inevitability, you might as well have some cozy cardigans and good ass pasta.