Premium Co. Boucle Overshirt
It’s hot. It’s cold. It’s breezy. It’s stagnantly humid. Airports and airplanes can be the absolute worst when it comes temperature regulation. Premium Co.’s Boucle Overshirt helps balance it all with an oversized neck for easy toss-on/take-off action and an open-weave wool boucle that’s kind of warm, but also allows your body to breathe when the airport heat control is acting a fool.

Frank Clegg Shrunken Grain Leather Duffle
You know you’re only going to be gone for a couple days, so a carry-on is the way to go. This Frank Clegg Duffle is big enough to house a couple of outfits for your trip, while the Shrunken Grain Leather outer looks like a million bucks. 

Mr. Gray Color Block Sock 
Walking through security could be a potential make-or-break situation. I mean, if your sock selection isn’t on point when you take your shoes off and stand in that round thingy to throw up the roc like Jay Z, you could be the laughing stock of Terminal C. Mr Gray’s Color Block Sock isn’t overbearing, but it adds just the right amount of flavor with plenty of comfort for your trip. 

Wil Fry Drop Shoulder Car Coat
When traveling from a warm climate to a cold one, you have to be prepared. But bringing bulky jackets ain’t the move. Wil Fry’s Drop Shoulder Car Coat is made of a coated cotton with a light lining for just a tad bit of insulation. It’s easily packable, allowing you to store it when you don’t need it and rock it like a boss when you do.