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A recent report showed that Nike is dominating the Chinese market. But, adidas is hoping its new strategy will be enough to gain the top spot in sportswear. 

According to CNBC, adidas' greater China boss shared that the brand's key to winning is really getting to know the customer. This same approach is what analysts say have made Nike so successful.

Researchers have also found that involvement in sports has increased significantly in China, so adidas wants to discover what inspires people to get involved. 

But, its not all about athletics when it comes to sportswear. Through its research adidas has found that people with less disposable income will wear their sports apparel on many different occasions including to the workplace and to typically more formal events like weddings.

A report done by Euromonitor revealed that the sportswear market in China is currently worth $20 billion and is projected to grow to $28.4 billion in 2018, which is why adidas has made the country the key focus of its new business plan.